Elevating Your Pop-Up

There are numerous ways to elevate your pop-up store. One example is to create interactive experiences for shoppers. It is vital to keep your consumers engaged along with ensuring a memorable experience in your store.

These are some of our favorite examples.

  1. Showcasing Shoppers Creation with Delmonico NY

Delmonico’s pop-up event was a three-day event located on 252 Mott Street.

Their athleisure e-commerce site wanted to create a space that would allow shoppers to interact with their clothing and physical storage space. Delmonico invited famous painter, @Designby_lo to come into the shop and paint a personalized creation on bombers, tees, and other merchandise featured in the store.

To engage customers further, Delmonico set-up a place where shoppers could customize and design a white box that would later be featured on the center wall. Delmonico’s pop-up was a success and portrayed their appreciation for their customers by showcasing each designed box on their pop-up wall.

2. Painting a Life-Size Coloring Book with SC30 (Under Armor, Dubnation, and Steph Curry)

Steph Curry’s pop-up, SC30, located in Oakland celebrates the prominent Golden State Warriors. James Sheilds, the creator of the interactive mural, wanted to celebrate the 50-year strong Warriors.

“You know, Curry, Dubs, Under Armour, and it’s always good to have a mural project.” — James Shields

The mural represents Curry dunking with a celebratory arms-in-the-air motion. The mural allows for the entire Oakland crowd to come in and be a part of this special moment. This activation will be open for the next 6 weeks.

Having an interactive element that allows customers to participate in this special memorandum creates a sense of emotional connection between the brand and its shoppers.

3. Celebrity Endorsements with Drew House

Justin Beiber is hosting his new collection, Drew House, in Hong Kong. The brand recently launched and is already sold out (it’s Justin Beiber, we knew it would be sold out immediately).

The pop-up location in the SoHo district will feature sweatshirts, beanies, basketball shorts, hotel slippers and more. The message that Beiber wants to convey is when coming into the store to create a nostalgic and interactive experience for its consumers. Their whole brand celebrates comfort, style, and affordability. A way to connect with us, the average people of the world. Drew House’s unisex products range from $20-$200.

Drew House said: “As a small, new brand from Los Angeles, we just wanted to be accessible to the other side of the world.”

The store is designed with interactive elements mimicking the experience of a video rental store. The store is an Instagram-post waiting to happen. The Y2 nostalgic decor offers shoppers visuals such as arcade games, TV sets, video games, and the notorious drew house stickers plastered all over the walls.

Drew House is a snippet of fame, a concept that celebrates accessibility along with affordability. Drew House is promoted by other celebrities from Haily Bieber (Baldwin) and Jaden Smith, having celebrity endorsement is a great way to elevate the pop-up experience.

4. Featuring Demos and Exclusive Products with B8ta

B8ta is most known for its unique products and interactive displays to actually touch and feel the technology available. The story exudes innovation, walking through digital masterpieces that are revolutionizing the world we live in today.

The brand shares unique stories about the products they feature. A physical space for new tech ventures to hit the sales floor for technical demos.

“It’s a really bad experience as a consumer to put down money first…sometimes the product takes 18 months to get to market, or never ships,” Norby said.

What B8ta does so well is creating a space where shoppers spend time with each and every product, playing, viewing, and educating themselves on what the present looks like. It is unique, alive.

5. Sharing a unique experience with Story.

On April 10th another story will be featured at Story on 144 10th Avenue @ 19th Street. The Story store is an extremely unique approach to join online and offline experiences. Engaging consumers in a new way.

Story changes every 4–6 weeks. They sell things like a store, tell stories like a magazine, and hosts an array of different products like an e-commerce site. Story has previously showcased Love Story, Wellness, Making Things, Home for the Holidays and 30 more stories.

“The idea was to create a retail concept that would serve as a matchmaker between brands and consumers, integrating strategies of marketing, merchandising and business development.” said Rachel Shechtman, founder of Story.

Story wants to create a different experience for its consumers. Hosts different community events, read ads on the all, touch and play with everything, speak to the technology, host contests for innovators, learn about new product playing as an education source, and much more.

The whole story encompasses the beauty and effectiveness of storytelling to match brands with consumers. It is a discovery platform for products.

“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” — Howard Schultz

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